• Grüne mischung Vienna
  • Landscape planner Andrea Pichler opened up her shop in 2008 to enable her customers to plan and play with their own urban gardens, rooftops, balconies and windowsills. Located just off Gumpendorferstrasse, this eclectic shop is all textures and colors, featuring products by up to 18 different designers making anything from up-cycled planters out of used tires, to miniature breakfast plate rings and birdhouses of all shapes and sizes. Some of the… More info
    Hirschengasse 3/1, Vienna, 1060
  • Zweigstelle Vienna
  • Most flower shops are pretty interchangeable. With Zweigstelle, Andreas Bamesberger wanted to create something different by redefining the art of floral arrangement. Bamesberger's main goal was to have a store that emphasized the details of the individual plants, rather than just being an overly lush greenhouse. Although he only had 30 square meters to work with when he started out in 1997, it wasn't long before Andreas migrated to a bigger space… More info
    Porzellangasse 4, Vienna, 1090
  • Blumenkraft Vienna
  • Stop by at 4 Schleifmühlgasse to visit one of Vienna's most remarkable florists. Situated among the numerous galleries, design stores and ethnic restaurants that abound in the 4th district, Blumenkraft adds to its neighborhood's artistic reputation. Starting with its selection of vases, which carry reputable names like Isabelle Hamm, Guaxs, or Lobmeyer, Blumenkraft has unparalleled aesthetic standards. The shop's interior, for instance, is… More info
    Schleifmühlgasse 4, Vienna, 1040
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