• Wissenschaftliches kabinett Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • Wissenschaftliches Kabinett is a cabinet of curiosities; the toy box of a science and nature geek who has compiled artifacts and other paraphernalia that all carry the spirit of science, natural history and old-world exploration. Perhaps that is why this narrow enclave in the old city centre of Vienna has become a favorite for museums, artists seeking inspiration and serious collectors. Meanwhile, the store’s owner and writer of natural history… More info
    Spiegelgasse 23, Vienna, 1010
  • Die glasfabrik Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • Glasfabrik is a material culture enthusiast's dream. It is housed in a former glass factory which dates to the period when this area served as Vienna's industrial district. The shop, which is associated with Lichterloh and Matsching's Antikkeller (Liebiggasse 4), operates as an antiques collective and offers a spectrum of pieces in a range of prices. It is comprised of two warehouses that look much as they must have years ago, with scarred… More info
    Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 25, Vienna, 1160
  • Schwab kunsthandel Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • Located just a stone's throw from the Staatsoper, Schwab is a treasure chest of antique jewelry, ceramics and home furnishing items. Michael Schwab is the man behind this miraculous vintage collection, much of which he procures while on trips to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Atlantic City. With artifacts dating back to the early 20th century, Schwab's inventory includes jewelry from Hermes, Tiffany's and George Jensen, as well as more… More info
    Krugerstrasse 17, Vienna, 1010
  • Bel etage Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • For over 30 years, Vienna-native Wolfgang Bauer's life has revolved around beautiful, Jugendstil antiques. His store, Bel Etage, is very much a labor of love, the culmination of years of dedicated collecting. One merely needs to look in the shop windows to realize that this place is something special, more like a museum than an antiques retailer. The comparison is apt when one considers that several items from Bauer's collection have been on loan… More info
    Mahlerstrasse 15, Vienna, 1010
  • Volta Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • Graphic designer Nela opened her petite gem of a store Volta in April 2014. It is located at the base of Berggasse, in an area that has experienced a renaissance with the recent opening of a new university building nearby, and just around the corner from the Servittenvierten, a popular dining destination. Nela arranges her store with all the lovely well-designed and minimal everyday objects that she reads about in online blogs. Much like the… More info
    Berggasse 27, Vienna, 1090
  • Lobmeyr Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • It's easy to mistake Lobmeyr for an art history museum. Maybe it's the awe-inspiring 19th century interior which spans two floors. Maybe it's the fact that the third floor actually is a museum, exhibiting some of the highlights from the store's rich history. Either way, this place is a treasure for shoppers and historians alike. Established in 1823 by Josef Lobmeyr, the eponymous company quickly become known as Vienna's leading glass… More info
    Kärntnerstrasse 26, Vienna, 1010
  • Répertoire	 Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • Returning to Vienna after having lived and worked as a graphic designer in Paris for the majority of her life, co-owner Mimi Hofmann opened Répertoire in November 2013. Within 9 months, Hofmann and company converted a run-down electronic appliance store into a spacious, bright and fun shop. With just a peek from the outside, one is immediately drawn in by the variety of colors and textures on display. According to Hofmann, Répertoire carries more… More info
    Otto-Bauer-Gasse 9 , Vienna, 1060
  • Werkbank Vienna (Home & Design, Design)
  • Die Werkbank is a small, quaint shop with a big bold concept: handmade. That’s right, everything inside is handcrafted. The owner, Katharina, describes it as a little bird amongst the giant global brands or, in other words, as a space for young artisan designers to exhibit and sell their work. The name of the shop translates to "the work bench," reflecting its former life as the carpentry workshop of Katharina's father. And while the smell of… More info
    Breite Gasse 1, Vienna, 1070
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