• Wissenschaftliches kabinett Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Wissenschaftliches Kabinett is a cabinet of curiosities; the toy box of a science and nature geek who has compiled artifacts and other paraphernalia that all carry the spirit of science, natural history and old-world exploration. Perhaps that is why this narrow enclave in the old city centre of Vienna has become a favorite for museums, artists seeking inspiration and serious collectors. Meanwhile, the store’s owner and writer of natural history… More info
    Spiegelgasse 23, Vienna, 1010
  • Die glasfabrik Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Glasfabrik is a material culture enthusiast's dream. It is housed in a former glass factory which dates to the period when this area served as Vienna's industrial district. The shop, which is associated with Lichterloh and Matsching's Antikkeller (Liebiggasse 4), operates as an antiques collective and offers a spectrum of pieces in a range of prices. It is comprised of two warehouses that look much as they must have years ago, with scarred… More info
    Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 25, Vienna, 1160
  • Schwab kunsthandel Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Located just a stone's throw from the Staatsoper, Schwab is a treasure chest of antique jewelry, ceramics and home furnishing items. Michael Schwab is the man behind this miraculous vintage collection, much of which he procures while on trips to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Atlantic City. With artifacts dating back to the early 20th century, Schwab's inventory includes jewelry from Hermes, Tiffany's and George Jensen, as well as more… More info
    Krugerstrasse 17, Vienna, 1010
  • Bel etage Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • For over 30 years, Vienna-native Wolfgang Bauer's life has revolved around beautiful, Jugendstil antiques. His store, Bel Etage, is very much a labor of love, the culmination of years of dedicated collecting. One merely needs to look in the shop windows to realize that this place is something special, more like a museum than an antiques retailer. The comparison is apt when one considers that several items from Bauer's collection have been on loan… More info
    Mahlerstrasse 15, Vienna, 1010
  • Bananas Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Ernst Hahnbauer had been a private collector for years before deciding to open Bananas, a vintage furniture shop in close proximity to Vienna's famed Naschmarkt. One day he simply realized that he could make a living from his penchant for accumulating unusual and used pieces of furniture: enter Bananas. Mr. Hahnbauer's favorite era is the 50s, and he is particularly fond of Scandinavian and "no-name" designers, but by no means limits his… More info
    Kettenbrückengasse 15, Vienna, 1050
  • Tony subal Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Tony Subal is a true gentleman with a passion for furniture and art. Unlike other owners who aggressively promote their stores by seeking media coverage, Mr. Subal prefers to let his remarkable collection speak for itself. Back in the '70s, Subal was the only furniture store to specialize in Art Nouveau pieces. Since then, more shops have emerged, but this 400 square meter design haven on the Weihburggasse remains one of a kind. Proving once… More info
    Weihburggasse 11, Vienna, 1010
  • Lichterloh Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • For those seeking European furniture originals from the Art Deco period all the way through the 1970s, Lichterloh is hard to beat. It was opened back in 1990 by Dagmar Moser, Markus Pernhaupt and Christof Stein, three friends who shared an appreciation for vintage furniture. They started out by acquiring old pieces at flea markets and even junkyards, with the intention of restoring and re-selling their recovered treasures. After saving enough… More info
    Gumpendorferstrasse 17, Vienna, 1060
  • Wiener silber manufactur Vienna (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • The origin of the Wiener Silbermanufactur goes back to the year 1882, when a silver and goldsmith named Alexander Sturm founded his own silver manufacturing company. During the latter years of the 19th century, Strum's manufacturer produced a prolific amount of silver goods for Vienna's upper-middle classes, combining expert craftsmanship with stylistic innovation. Sturm's love of new ideas found its full expression with the emergence of the… More info
    Spiegelgasse 14, Vienna, 1010
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