• Botanicus Vienna (Health & Beauty, Bath & Body)
  • In 2013, Botanicus moved from Vienna’s first district to its new location on Margaretenstrasse in the fifth district, where they found themselves amidst a younger and more creative demographic. Botanicus is the exclusive western European purveyor of the eponymous line of Bohemia-sourced personal care products. These range from soaps and hair-care products to lotions and scented oils. Many of their organic ingredients are cultivated on the… More info
    Margaretenstrasse 80, Vienna, 1050
  • Saint charles cosmothecary Vienna (Health & Beauty, Bath & Body)
  • St. Charles Cosmothecary, just blocks from Naschmarkt, operates according to a "right to the roots" philosophy, and what lush foliage these roots have developed! Owner Alexander Ehrmann (also of St. Charles Apothecary) comes from a long tradition of pharmacists, and as such has come to believe that, "being a pharmacist is so much more than filling a prescription". Hence, St. Charles Cosmothecary. From shampoos and bath salts to aromatic room and… More info
    Gumpendorferstraße 30, Vienna, 1060
  • Walter weiss Vienna (Health & Beauty, Bath & Body)
  • Walter Weiss is the destination for all of your personal grooming needs. Taking over in 2003, Daniel Weiss represents the third generation of his family's running this authentic Viennese specialty store. With over 4500 carefully selected products that have stood the test of time, Walter Weiss is all about combining tradition with innovation. When it opened in 1923, this shop in the Mariahilferstrasse was a drugstore that also sold basic… More info
    Mariahilfer Strasse 33, Vienna, 1060
  • Saint charles apothecary Vienna (Health & Beauty, Bath & Body)
  • Alexander Ehrmann, owner of St. Charles Apotheke, has a family history in pharmaceuticals that dates back six generations. Not wanting to rest on the laurels of his lineage, Ehrmann's ambition as a med student was to ensure that the knowledge and experience that he inherited would fit the health needs of a younger, greener generation. In 2006, he opened a pharmacy on the Gumpendorferstrasse that specialized in traditional, plant-based… More info
    Gumpendorferstrasse 30, Vienna, 1060
  • Zur schwäbischen jungfrau Vienna (Health & Beauty, Bath & Body)
  • The name "Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau" refers to the origins of this store's founders, who migrated to Vienna from Swabia in the early 18th century. Ever since its inception 300 years ago, Zur Schwäbischen Jungfrau has been known for its huge selection of customized textiles and quality fabrics. This is the place that once upon a time supplied Empress Maria Teresia with a monogram handkerchief, and later on made bed covers for Sissi. In 1959, Zur… More info
    Am Graben 26, Vienna, 1010
  • Shanti yoga Vienna (Health & Beauty, Bath & Body)
  • Birgit Kohl opened the Shanti Yoga Store in 2008, thereby establishing Austria's first official yoga retailer. A graphic-designer by trade, Kohl is a long-time yoga enthusiast whose store offers a welcome alternative to more conventional sportswear outlets. Shanti's broad assortment of quality products include clothing, mats, bags and other accessories from notable brands like Lily Lotus, J&P Yoga, American Apparel and Zobha. Everything sold here… More info
    Lindengasse 38, Vienna, 1070
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