• Catrinette Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • In September 2012, Katharina Marchgraber, an art historian by training and next of kin to an antiques dealer, established Catrinette to turn her passion for collecting vintage decor, clothing and furniture into her profession. Located on Porzellangasse, the main thoroughfare of the ninth district's Servitenviertel - a lively neighborhood with a deep appreciation for culture and the arts - this unique four-leaf clover-shaped boutique is a vintage… More info
    Porzellangasse 28, Vienna, 1090
  • Vintage in vienna Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • This is proof to the old saying, “Behind all special shops is a charismatic owner.” (Ok, we may have just made that saying up, but it rings true of Vintage in Vienna). A couple of minutes listening to Carlotta, the Viennese owner of this hidden gem, will help you understand why. “This place is all about giving people the creative process that vintage shopping should be for customers,” she says. “I often say to people that they should select a few… More info
    Gumpendorferstrasse 10-12, Vienna, 1060
  • Uppers & downers Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • Picture your typical secondhand shop, smelling like mothballs and bursting at the seams with lumberjack shirts and oversized dresses. Uppers and Downers is the complete opposite. In fact, it is the sweetest smelling and most carefully curated used and vintage clothing store I’ve ever been in, and also one of the best in Vienna. The thing is, one cannot only define this place as your regular, everyday vintage shop - it’s so much more, and owns… More info
    Burggasse 46, Vienna, 1070
  • Burggasse 24 Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • Like the product of a heady one-night stand, Burggasse 24 came about as an unexpected accident. "That's what happens when you go away to Paris and party for a year," says Angie, part-owner of the combination store/bar. In early 2013, Angie and two friends, Moritz and Marco, opened Burggasse 24 in the beautifully bright, high-ceilinged site of a former wheelchair store. Today it exists mostly as a clothing boutique with an inviting living room… More info
    Burggasse 24, Vienna, 1070
  • Polyklamott Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • Christoph Pfandler opened Polyklamott – located on Hofmühlgasse, just a few steps from the U4 Pilgramgasse subway stop – out of a love for fashion, and vintage clothing in particular. According to Pfandler, the area between Gumpendorferstrasse and Wienzeile was where much of the fashion scene was concentrated when he first opened the store in 2000. Today the store’s customers range from local residents to second hand fashion lovers from around… More info
    Hofmühlgasse 6, Vienna, 1060
  • Flo vintage Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • "A noble form of recycling" was owner Ingrid Raab's reply when asked what Flo Vintage, her boutique in the Schleifmühlgasse, is all about. Mrs. Raab knows all of her clothing "personally" and should be credited as one of the people who started the vintage store movement in Vienna. Long before international celebrities like Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon started showing up at the Oscars wearing vintage fashion, Mrs. Raab understood that… More info
    Schleifmühlgasse 15a, Vienna, 1040
  • Unikatessen Vienna (Clothing, Vintage)
  • A delicatessen of unique fashion – that’s Unikatessen. And while the adjective unique is as worn as a three year-old toothbrush, we think this women’s fashion boutique located on the city’s trendy Margertenstrasse, lives up to its claim. Opening in mid-2013, this store is part of the city’s fashion rennaisance. When walking in for the first time, one must take this place in as a whole - right down to its interior design installations: piles of… More info
    Margaretenstrasse 45, Vienna, 1040
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