• Wier Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • Wier, a funky little shop tucked in a cellar just off of the city’s main shopping strip, is what resulted after a couple of talented artisans met each other at a designer’s market. After many years as nomadic stallholders at Vienna’s markets, the local co-creators behind the label Nullkommasiebenprozent (nicknamed NKSP) and the design duo of Franz - the popular hipster, drawstring gym bag that looks like a teabag (known in Vienna as a… More info
    Neubaugürtel 4, Vienna, 1070
  • Kitsch bitch Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • Housing the homegrown Viennese label of the same name, Kitsch Bitch, this store possesses as much attitude as the moniker suggests. The design was inspired on ground level by it’s young founder, Lilly Egger, who favors a strict, classic color scheme of black and white. “The sayings and designs are catchy enough,” she explains. Like other twentysomethings, she draws inspiration from her friends and those they meet out on the town. “I started to… More info
    Mühlgasse 29, Vienna, 1040
  • Wolfensson Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • To understand the contents of this high-end boutique, one need only look to the 20th century artist Jean Cocteau - or look left when walking into the store where his famous words grace the wall. “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” There is something complicated at work in the collection of avant-garde men and women’s wear at Wolfensson. Perhaps it is in the taupe, ebony, charcoal, café noir, olive and various other shades of… More info
    Habsburgergasse 1a, Vienna, 1010
  • Wall Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • Looking for a place to get a chic makeover? Introducing WALL: a hair salon and fashion boutique designed to ensure that you walk out the door as a whole new you with a haircut by one of the best stylists in the city and an entire new outfit for the weekend. A fashion landmark in Vienna, WALL stocks an impressive and carefully selected range of indie European designers, like the bold Netherlander Conny Groenewegen, the radical and subversive… More info
    Westbahnstrasse 5a, Vienna, 1070
  • Eigensinnig Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • Street photographer Toni Tramezzini and fashion school alumna Stephanie Hofer are the self-willed owners of Eigensinnig. This spacious photography gallery cum clothing store, located on a baroque pedestrian square in Vienna’s 7th district, opened its doors in October 2012. The fact that not one of the store’s baroque arches resembles another reflects the owners’ non-conformist philosophy. Stephanie spent years researching and hand picking… More info
    Sankt-Ulrichs-Platz 4, Vienna, 1070
  • Comerc Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • After selling three previous streetwear stores in his native Upper Austria, Christian “Johnny” Huemer decided to take some time off to travel and gather inspiration. While visiting various fashion capitals around the world Huemer became aware of a type of clothing store that was lacking in Vienna. In order to fill this commercial gap Huemer, along with girlfriend and fashion designer Jacqueline “Chucky” Schuster, opened COMERC in March 2012. The… More info
    Westbahnstrasse 20/4, Vienna, 1070
  • We bandits Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • After having studied fashion and working for designers in Paris and Brussels, Sophie Pollak returned to her native Vienna to be closer to family and reevaluate her career path. She used this time to organize and develop a series of pop-up stores in which she featured talented artist friends and labels she admired. In this she found her passion and in November 2011 permanently opened up shop in Theobaldgasse, just around the corner from… More info
    Theobaldgasse 14, Vienna, 1060
  • Chegini Vienna (Clothing, Men & Women)
  • As co-owner Darius Chegini will tell you, Chegini has been a major name in Viennese high fashion and accessories since his mother opened her first store in the 1970s. Since then, he and his wife have teamed up with Mrs. Chegini to turn this family business into a regular couture power-house. With three locations just minutes from one another, Chegini's are the only shops in town that carry the Miu Miu ready wear collection and one of the of the… More info
    Kohlmarkt 7, Vienna, 1010
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