• Phil Vienna (Books & Music, Records)
  • Vienna's answer to the bohemian bookstore ideal that you might find in San Fran's Haight-Ashbury district, Phil breathes new life into a city famous for its coffeehouse culture. This cozy cafe sells English and German-language books from numerous genres, as well as DVDs, CDs and designer furniture. With its amicable staff, vintage coffee machine and diverse clientele, Phil has established itself as one of the best hang out spots in Vienna. And if… More info
    Gumpendorfer Strasse 10-12, Vienna, 1060
  • Tongues Vienna (Books & Music, Records)
  • Tucked away behind busy Mariahilfer Street, Tongues is an organic delicatessen that doubles as a record store. No, that is not a misprint. This singular establishment is a collaborative effort between Peter Fehringer and Christopher Schweiger. The former had the gastronomical know-how. The latter had the awesome record collection. By joining forces they have provided Vienna with a place where customers can indulge all five senses. It's interior… More info
    Kirchengasse 27/III, Vienna, 1070
  • Market vinyl Vienna (Books & Music, Records)
  • Fritz Plöckinger opened Market Vinyl in 2008 after the record store he previously worked at – Black Market – closed up shop. While his selection encompasses a variety of music including house, disco, soul and techno, his personal favorites are raw analog productions and small editions, so he also carries a selection of white labels. According to Plöckinger the shop's selection is intended to create easier access to genres that are… More info
    Zieglergasse 40/Ecke Westbahnstrasse,Zieglergasse 40/Ecke Westbahnstrasse, Vienna, 1070
  • Rave up records Vienna (Books & Music, Records)
  • Ever since opening in 1987, Rave Up has been bolstering its reputation as one of Vienna's most charismatic record stores. As the story goes, Werner “Shorty” Schartmüller, a die-hard fan of The Stooges, witnessed the rise of London's famed Rough Trade Records and knew that he also wanted to own a record store. It took about ten years but Shorty's dream finally came to fruition when he and his wife Doris opened Rave Up in the Hofmühlgasse. These… More info
    Hofmühlgasse 1, Vienna, 1060
  • Audio center recordshop Vienna (Books & Music, Records)
  • Audio Center is a record shop on the Judenplatz that has been providing Vienna's LP lovers with their drug of choice since the early '80s. Once upon a time, this was one of the only places in town where people could congregate and while away the time listening to different records. We have a couple of friends who get all misty-eyed recalling school day afternoons when they used to spend hours here, listening to Coltrane and Miles Davis. Although… More info
    Judenplatz 9, Vienna, 1010
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