• Yellow books Vienna (Books & Music, Bookstore)
  • YELLOW has been in existence since 1997. When it first opened, this independent bookstore specialized in new and used paperbacks. Since then its inventory has expanded to include hardcovers as well, and their genres range from art, graphic novels, and philosophy to fiction and social sciences to name just a few. Thrifty individuals will find YELLOW’s used book section of particular interest. Items here range from one to five euros and cover both… More info
    Garnisongasse 7, Vienna, 1090
  • Volta Vienna (Home & Design, Decor)
  • Graphic designer Nela opened her petite gem of a store Volta in April 2014. It is located at the base of Berggasse, in an area that has experienced a renaissance with the recent opening of a new university building nearby, and just around the corner from the Servittenvierten, a popular dining destination. Nela arranges her store with all the lovely well-designed and minimal everyday objects that she reads about in online blogs. Much like the… More info
    Berggasse 27, Vienna, 1090
  • Zweigstelle Vienna (Home & Design, Flowers & Garden)
  • Most flower shops are pretty interchangeable. With Zweigstelle, Andreas Bamesberger wanted to create something different by redefining the art of floral arrangement. Bamesberger's main goal was to have a store that emphasized the details of the individual plants, rather than just being an overly lush greenhouse. Although he only had 30 square meters to work with when he started out in 1997, it wasn't long before Andreas migrated to a bigger space… More info
    Porzellangasse 4, Vienna, 1090
  • Catrinette Vienna (Home & Design, Furniture)
  • In September 2012, Katharina Marchgraber, an art historian by training and next of kin to an antiques dealer, established Catrinette to turn her passion for collecting vintage decor, clothing and furniture into her profession. Located on Porzellangasse, the main thoroughfare of the ninth district's Servitenviertel - a lively neighborhood with a deep appreciation for culture and the arts - this unique four-leaf clover-shaped boutique is a vintage… More info
    Porzellangasse 28, Vienna, 1090
  • Selection neubauer Vienna (Food, Sweets)
  • Selection Neubauer is a delicatessen which opened in the Porzellangasse in September of 2010. A lifelong food-enthusiast and 9th district native, Maria Neubauer takes great pleasure in running her gourmet food store. She gets most of her products directly from the producers and frequents international food trade fairs like the SIAL in Paris and the ISM in Köln. Maria's dedication becomes evident when one looks at Selection Neubauer's… More info
    Porzellangasse 50, Vienna, 1090
  • Xocolat manufaktur Vienna (Food, Sweets)
  • Xocolat Manufaktur is situated in Vienna's 9th district where it attracts people from far and wide, all eager to master the art of the chocolatier. Come here for a behind-the-scenes look at how various confectionaries and truffled delights are made. Not wishing to subject anyone to Tantalusian torture, the Manufaktur also has a store where visitors can purchase freshly-made chocolate delicacies including Grand Marnier pralines, whisky truffles… More info
    Servitengasse 5, Vienna, 1090
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