• Runch! Vienna (Other, Gifts)
  • From its location in the Kaiserstrasse, Runch! Comics has proudly been supplying fans with the latest and greatest in comics since 1991. The store's owner, Gerd Holoubek, opened Runch! after becoming interested in comics in the mid '80s, the period that saw the advent of more adult-orientated publications like The Watchmen series or the works of Frank Miller. Ever since finding his passion, Gerd has been traveling the world in search of "cool… More info
    Kaiserstrasse 5, Vienna, 1070
  • Bilderbox Vienna (Other, Arts & Crafts)
  • Since opening in the spring of 2010, Bilderbox has been a welcome addition to Vienna's 7th district. Established by comic book buff Malte Steinhausen, Bilderbox offers a wide array of comics, art books, T-shirts and urban art supplies like spray paint and tag markers. The comic book selection is mostly of French and Belgian origin, but also includes Asian and American titles. During our visit we found a tidy little collection of books on street… More info
    Kirchengasse 40/1, Vienna, 1070
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