• Ina kent Vienna
  • Ina Kent founded her eponymous bag label in Vienna in 2007. Her first shop was – and still is – located on Lindengasse, just off of Neubaugasse in Vienna’s 7th district. By September 2011, business had picked up, and the label expanded with a second outlet on Siebensterngasse, just a few minutes by foot from the flagship store. Ina Kent’s bags and accessories are made from fine Italian leather and are available in a multitude of colors from… More info
    Siebensterngasse 50, Vienna, 1070
  • Ozelot Vienna
  • Bags are the name of the game at Ozelot, a store on the Lindengasse whose neatly arranged interior is fittingly reminiscent of a well-packed suitcase. The shelves are lined with a wide variety of purses, briefcases, backpacks, totes, travel bags and wallets, as well as smaller items like iPhone and pencil cases. Ozelot's tagline is “Individual Bags” and, indeed, its assortment is characterized by an originality that is likely to please anyone… More info
    Lindengasse 43, Vienna, 1070
  • Brillen manufaktur Vienna
  • Brillen Manufaktur is an eyeglass store for individuals seeking quality, stylish glasses that are a little less mainstream than the models you always see at the office or on the beach. (Nothing against those Ray Ban aviators, but if Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer can move on, so can we.) The broad selection of sun and reading glasses includes brands such as Alain Mikli, ic! Berlin, Oliver Peoples, Reiz and many others. In addition to its choice… More info
    Neubaugasse 18, Vienna, 1070
  • Szászi hüte Vienna
  • Located near the start of the Mariahilferstrasse, just outside the MuseumsQuartier, on a street that, ahem, boasts an ever-increasing number of McDonald's restaurants and H&M outlets, Szászi Hüte might seem out of place. But of all the stores on Austria's longest shopping street few, if any, have been around as long as this old-school hat maker, whose workshop is tucked away in a courtyard flanking the MQ. Founded in 1858 by master-milliner… More info
    Mariahilferstrasse 4, Vienna, 1070
  • Paar Vienna
  • Catering to Vienna's increased demand for unique, limited-edition kicks, PAAR is a sneak-boutique in Neubau that opened its doors in 2010. This elegant, wood-themed space is a collaborative effort between sneaker enthusiasts Michael Paul of Stil-Laden and Jakub Arnold of Arnold's. (A collaboration reflected in the store's name, a hybrid of PAul and ARnold) While Stil-Laden is only a few minutes walk away from PAAR, Arnold's actually shares the… More info
    Siebensterngasse 52, Vienna, 1070
  • Zap zapateria Vienna
  • Before you walk into this store, you'd better brace yourself for a multicolored, dizzying display of rare and radiant "Zapatos." If you're a shoe aficionado or a serious collector, your heart is sure to leap up when you behold this rainbow of far-out footwear. Zapateria specializes in hard-to-find, limited editions from notable brands like Nike, Adidas or Lacoste, but they also carry shoes from lesser known companies such as Langenbrett from… More info
    Kirchengasse 26, Vienna, 1070
  • Shu! Vienna
  • Before you even set foot inside this airy, modernist shop space, the neon blue sign on the Neubaugasse should tell you that Shu! is not your run-of-the-mill shoe store. Architects Markus Tomaselli and Bernd Schweizer deigned the interior, which includes a floating bench, gigantic mirror and a continuation of the neon lighting theme from Shu!'s facade. The store is run by Brigitte Fiala, who oversees a vast selection of shoes from international… More info
    Neubaugasse 34, Vienna, 1070
  • Werkbank Vienna
  • Die Werkbank is a small, quaint shop with a big bold concept: handmade. That’s right, everything inside is handcrafted. The owner, Katharina, describes it as a little bird amongst the giant global brands or, in other words, as a space for young artisan designers to exhibit and sell their work. The name of the shop translates to "the work bench," reflecting its former life as the carpentry workshop of Katharina's father. And while the smell of… More info
    Breite Gasse 1, Vienna, 1070
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