• Anna jeller Vienna (Books & Music, Bookstore)
  • Its slogan is "Verlassen Sie dieses Land" (Leave this Country), but Anna Jeller isn't some conspiratorial organization calling for a mass-exodus. For over 25 years this charming bookstore on the Margaretenstrasse has provided many of Vienna's most hard-core readaholics with a literary means of escape. Unlike other well-stocked book shops, Anna Jeller doesn't have that musty, claustrophobic vibe. With its high-celings and spacious interior, the… More info
    Margaretenstrasse 35, Vienna, 1040
  • Käseland Vienna (Food, Cheese)
  • Boasting over 200 different kinds of cheeses from 15 different countries, Käseland possesses some pretty serious street cred amongst cheese-lovers. Located within the hustle and bustle of Naschmarkt, the city’s largest market, the sweet and sour smells of cheese hit you as soon as you walk through the door. Käseland has a history stretching right back to the beginnings of the market, before it was a tourist destination, and has held a legendary… More info
    Naschmarkt 172, Vienna, 1040
  • Fabelwelt Vienna (Books & Music, Specialty Books)
  • Owner Lona opened the international children’s book store Fabelwelt in 2012 after having conceived of the idea in a friend’s backyard. Fabelwelt caters to the international community in Vienna, local bilingual families and everyone who loves great illustration and storytelling. They offer children's books available in 20 different languages including French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish, just to name a few. Along with being a bookstore… More info
    Schleifmühlgasse 6-8, Vienna, 1040
  • Mein design Vienna (Accessories, Bags)
  • Ulrike Eckerstorfer opened Mein Design in 2010 with the intention of selling locally made sustainable (and in many cases organic) goods. The shop is separated into multiple small sections that each house the work of a different designer. Twice a year new designers are chosen, and – with the exception of Eckerstorfer's products – there is a completely new line-up of goods. This concept shop offers up-and-coming designers an opportunity to engage… More info
    Kettenbrückengasse 6/1/1, Vienna, 1040
  • Kaffee fabrik Vienna (Food, Coffee & Tea)
  • Owner and operator Tobias Radinger is giving new meaning to Viennese coffee culture in his tiny coffee bar and roastery. Forget the heavy crystal chandeliers and lush upholstered seating that have come to define some of Vienna's finest coffee houses, because what Kaffeefabrik lacks in traditional ambience it makes up for in batch after expertly roasted batch of fair-trade coffee. Radinger currently sources from agriculturists in Ecuador, Brazil… More info
    Favoritenstrasse 4-6, Vienna, 1040
  • Kaffeerösterei alt wien Vienna (Food, Coffee & Tea)
  • A city famous for its coffeehouses should have its share of places that specialize in the art of coffee roasting. Enter the Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien. Located just minutes from the Naschmarkt, on the bustling Schleifmühlgasse, Alt Wien gives customers the opportunity to observe the roasting process up-close and on a daily basis. The beans hail from all over the world, including familiar coffee purveyors like Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and… More info
    Schleifmühlgasse 23, Vienna, 1040
  • Feine dinge Vienna (Home & Design, Decor)
  • Feinedinge* is a one woman ceramic manufacture, created in 2008 by Sandra Haischenberger. After taking a pottery course on a whim, Sandra found her true passion and subsequently enrolled at the Vienna University for Applied Arts. It was at the Blickfang (an annual showcase event for young designers) that Haischenberger got her big break in 2003. These days, Haischenberger is churning out one remarkable creation after another in her… More info
    Margaretenstrasse 35, Vienna, 1040
  • Gabarage Vienna (Accessories, Bags)
  • With their one-of-a-kind concept store, Gabarage has simultaneously managed to help people in need while creating remarkable products. Founded in 2002 by Gabriele Gottwald-Nathaniel in collaboration with the Anton Proksch Institute, Gabarage helps recovering drug addicts back on their feet by offering them one-year apprenticeships in their production facility. Here, the focus is on re-using discarded materials by "upcycling" them to make… More info
    Schleifmühlgasse 6, Vienna, 1040
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