• Wubet Vienna (Clothing, Women's Clothing)
  • Arnold Haas founded Wubet in Ethiopia with the vision of merging modern design with local weaving tradition. Translating to "beauty" in the Ethiopian Amharic language, the label's hand-woven shawls gained recognition with fashionistas on both sides of the Atlantic, leading Haas to open his flagship store in March of 2010 in Praterstrasse, an up-and-coming neighborhood and creative incubator. Having since relocated to Santiago, Chile, Haas… More info
    Praterstrasse 11, Vienna, 1020
  • Song Vienna (Accessories, Bags)
  • Song is a boutique and gallery with an ever-changing selection of clothing, accessories, design furniture and art shows. Designed by star-architect Gregor Eichinger, this gigantic store-cum-event-space takes up more than 300 square meters. Owner Myung il Song, who studied design at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, is a firm believer in improvisation and chance, which perhaps explains her store's free-spirited feel and look. Together with… More info
    Praterstrasse 11–13, Vienna, 1020
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