The World's Most Unusual Shops

The World's Most Unusual Shops


In a world where anything and everything is available for purchase, whether this be on the black market, the internet or someone’s backyard, what is clear is the increased amount of unusual products out there. Looking at the list below you will find shops that sell items such as hand crafted aliens presented as hunting trophies, penis bones, and ‘truth serum’, that’s right, superhero supplies are on sale! So the next time you’re on the hunt for a quirky gift idea, think outside of the box and check out one of these bizarre bazaars.


  1. Evolution Nature Store

    Evolution, a store that opened in 1993 to sell unique natural history collectibles, is an odd bedfellow among the designer boutiques that now line Soho’s crowded streets. Though perhaps it would have become the redheaded stepchild…

    687 Broadway , 10012 New York

  2. Tender Buttons

    For a shop stocking such seemingly domestic items, Tender Buttons came from very revolutionary roots. Owner Millicent Safro and her partner were collecting buttons for a Happening in the 1960s and needed a place to house their…

    143 East 62nd Street, 10065 New York

  3. Superhero Supply Company

    The Superhero Supply Company may carry masks and tights, but don't call it a costume shop. As New York City's premier outlet for anti-gravity, truth serum, periscope binoculars and wall-climbing suction cups, the volunteer staff…

    372 5th Avenue, 11215 Brooklyn

  4. Subotron

    Located on the "Electric Avenue" in the Museumsquartier, Subotron is a meeting point for nostalgic gamers. As the story goes, owner Jogi opened shop in 2004, responding to his wife's lament that there was no more room in their…

    Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

  5. Objeto de Deseo

    While Barcelona is no stranger to designer furniture stores displaying ornamental objects as finishing touches, Jorge Subietas has created its own niche with Objeto de Deseo. “Making objects the centrepiece allows their…

    C/ Consell de Cent 292, 08007 Barcelona

  6. The Collection

    With a passion for craft, design and everything in between, Englishwoman Allison Grant opened The Collection in Paris' animated Marais area. Since 2003, it has brought together products by both well-known and up-and-coming…

    33, Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris

  7. Utility Canvas

    Jillian and Hal Grano are canvas experts. The couple has chosen the versatile material as their medium of expression and created an incredible array of practical items for a creative lifestyle - emphasis on life. The concept was…

    49 Greenwich Avenue, 10014 New York

  8. John Derian Dry Goods

    John Derian first opened his doors in 1989 on the beautiful tree-lined 2nd street by the Bowery while looking for a workspace for his decoupage production. Having moved into a storefront to expand his decoupage line, he used the…

    10 East Second Street, 10003 New York