Where To Shop In Gràcia, Barcelona

Where To Shop In Gràcia, Barcelona


Out of the centre, away from the crowds and you find yourself amongst some of Barcelona's best artisan shops. Formerly an independent municipality just outside of Barcelona, Gracia has always been seen as having a more local vibe, compared to it's more touristy siblings. This is shown in the number of interesting, unique shops in the area, set up by the Catalan locals. As well as showcasing some of the most beautifully hand crafted objects, the stores themselves also offer something to be marvelled at, with their intricate designs, inside and out.


  1. Amato Sole

    If it hadn’t already garnered cult status and substantial press coverage, you probably wouldn’t stumble across Amato Sole. Since 2010, Sicilian-born Anna Maria Amato and Barcelona-bred Ramón Sole have been designing and…

    C/ Perill, 39, 08012 Barcelona

  2. Meublé

    Seeing a gap in the market between vintage designer furniture and affordable, quirky pieces for a younger crowd, Catalan entrepeneur Claudia set up shop in a quiet side street of the bohemian Gracia district early in 2012. Just a…

    C/ Martínez de la Rosa 34, 08012 Barcelona

  3. Nostàlgic

    At a time when capturing digital images has never been easier, this bright little store pays homage to the golden days of analog photography. Tucked away on a narrow street just off Gran de Gràcia, Nostàlgic flies the flag for…

    C/ Goya 18 , 08012 Barcelona

  4. Nobodinoz

    Kids these days, eh? They grow up in the blink of an eye and before you know it, they’re cooler than you. And if anyone is guilty of helping Barcelona’s kids lead the world in the style stakes, it’s Nobodinoz. Since 2006, this…

    C/ Séneca 9, 08006 Barcelona

  5. Boo

    Thanks to his years working in the press departments of various fashion labels, Barcelona-born Alex González has always had his finger firmly on the fashion pulse. Finally in 2005, keen to taste the freedom of being his own boss…

    C/ Bonavista 2, 08012 Barcelona

  6. La-a

    In early 2010, designer Marianne Costa and her partner Olivier, both of French-Catalan descent, were busy scouting locations for their store. When they discovered this remarkable, rustic space in the Gràcia district, they knew the…

    C/ del Torrent de l'Olla 86, 08012 Barcelona