The 5 Best Vintage Stores in Vienna

The {count} Best Vintage Stores in Vienna

  1. Uppers & Downers

    Picture your typical secondhand shop, smelling like mothballs and bursting at the seams with lumberjack shirts and oversized dresses. Uppers and Downers is the complete opposite. In fact, it is the sweetest smelling and most…

    Burggasse 46, 1070 Vienna

  2. Unikatessen

    A delicatessen of unique fashion – that’s Unikatessen. And while the adjective unique is as worn as a three year-old toothbrush, we think this women’s fashion boutique located on the city’s trendy Margertenstrasse, lives up to…

    Margaretenstrasse 45, 1040 Vienna

  3. Burggasse 24

    Like the product of a heady one-night stand, Burggasse 24 came about as an unexpected accident. "That's what happens when you go away to Paris and party for a year," says Angie, part-owner of the combination store/bar. In early…

    Burggasse 24, 1070 Vienna

  4. Catrinette

    In September 2012, Katharina Marchgraber, an art historian by training and next of kin to an antiques dealer, established Catrinette to turn her passion for collecting vintage decor, clothing and furniture into her profession…

    Porzellangasse 28, 1090 Vienna

  5. Polyklamott

    Christoph Pfandler opened Polyklamott – located on Hofmühlgasse, just a few steps from the U4 Pilgramgasse subway stop – out of a love for fashion, and vintage clothing in particular. According to Pfandler, the area between…

    Hofmühlgasse 6, 1060 Vienna