The Best Vintage Shops in San Francisco

The Best Vintage Shops in San Francisco


The perfect leather jacket, the ultimate 80s shell suit, the most desirable onesie you've ever seen, and 'those boots' - anything and everything is possible in some of the best vintage shops around! Dotted around Hayes Valley, Haight and Ashbury and the Mission, San Fransisco is home to plenty of gem filled coves, jam packed with the weird and the wonderful. But don't just leave it up to chance, check out our favorites below and get rummaging for pure vintage gold! 


  1. Ver Unica

    Translated from Italian, ver unica means “only one kind.” Drawing inspiration from the phrase, partners Cindy Spade and Steve Bell chose it as the moniker for their Hayes Valley vintage store. Opened in 1997, Ver Unica is a unique…

    526 Hayes St, 94102 San Francisco

  2. Dollhouse Bettie

    Sure, sex sells. But that's not why Dollhouse Bettie has been such a success in San Francisco's competitive Haight shopping district. Since 2007, Dollhouse Bettie has been a leading purveyor of timeless elegance and sex appeal for…

    1641 Haight Street, 94117 San Francisco

  3. Seedstore

    Opened in 2010, Seedstore has already made a name for itself as part of the Richmond neighborhood. A pleasant mix of contemporary men's and womenswear, Seedstore brings together a variety of celebrated brands. Loved for their…

    212 Clement Street, 94118 San Francisco

  4. No Shop

    Amber Nicole Gavin and Leah Edwina Martin opened No Shop as a space to sell all the “really great and really wearable” clothes that they were finding and buying while shopping for themselves. The store opened in 2009 and the…

    389 Valencia Street, 94113 San Francisco

  5. Relic Vintage

    Tucked unassumingly behind a medium sized awning in the heart of the Haight-Ashbury, Relic Vintage is one of the preeminent vintage shops in the neighborhood. Carefully curated by shop owner Oran Scott, Relic Vintage features…

    1605 Haight Street, 94117 San Francisco

  6. Held Over

    An established fixture of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Held Over has remained one of the premiere vintage fashion destinations for both men and women. Upon first glance customers may be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the…

    1543 Haight Street, 94117 San Francisco

  7. Afterlife

    Afterlife is the perfect name for this store because it carries an impressive collection of vintage men’s and women’s items that have been brought back to life by siblings Luke and Danielle Teller. Luke's selection of vintage…

    988 Valencia Street, 94110 San Francisco