The 11 Best Antiques Shops in Barcelona

The {count} Best Antiques Shops in Barcelona


One thing Barcelona is great for is coming across a hidden gem when you least expect it. This could be a tucked away tapas restaurant with the best jamón you've ever tasted, an intricately hand carved wooden door equipped with the a keyhole the size of your fist or an ancient bodega that looks like it's stocking the same barrels of wine from Medieval times. Well the same applies to the antique shops. Complemented by their visually appealing backdrop of stores with colorfully tiled floors, pillars and interior patios, these antique stores are definitely worth a visit! 


  1. La Talenta

    What is old and broken needn't be thrown away - they just might need a little bit of La Talenta's tenderness, care, and mending. Such is the philosophy of the lifestyle store that opened in Barcelona's gothic quarter in September…

    Carrer Códols, 23, 08002 Barcelona

  2. El Recibidor

    Pinball tournaments, costume competitions, vermouth and the most original vintage furniture in northern Spain. That’s what happened when two ad agency art directors and a “mad vintage guy” came together to realize their shared…

    C/ Viladomat 9, 08015 Barcelona

  3. Amato Sole

    If it hadn’t already garnered cult status and substantial press coverage, you probably wouldn’t stumble across Amato Sole. Since 2010, Sicilian-born Anna Maria Amato and Barcelona-bred Ramón Sole have been designing and…

    C/ Perill, 39, 08012 Barcelona

  4. 177 Kensington

    This shrine to 20th-century furniture is a constantly shifting Aladdin’s cave, filled with elegant shapes and clean lines. Open since 2002, 177 Kensington is tucked away on Calle Paris, just one block from Diagonal Avenue. The…

    C/ París 177, 08036 Barcelona

  5. Gotham

    Gotham has been a pioneer of retro design in Spain ever since it opened in 1994, stocking the best in 20th-century design furniture and homeware. Owner Txema originally moved to Barcelona from his hometown of San Sebastián to…

    C/ Lleó 28, 08001 Barcelona

  6. Fusta’m

    What happens when you combine the aesthetic predilections of a restaurateur and an industrial designer? In the case of Lidia and Oriol you get one of Barcelona's best vintage furniture stores. Ever since September 2010, Fusta'm…

    C/ Joaquin Costa 62, 08001 Barcelona

  7. El Changuito

    Formerly occupying an old carpenter's workshop in El Born, El Changuito is an antiques store that relocated to the Barri Gòtic in 2009. The current space on Passatge de la Pau (just a stone's throw from the Basília de la Merced)…

    Ptge. de la Pau 13, 08002 Barcelona