The Best Antique Shops in London

The Best Antique Shops in London


Often appearing more like galleries or museums than antique shops it isn't hard to spend the better half a day weaving in and out of them, admiring all of the weird and wonderful things on offer. Preserved from a past life, all that you find in these magical bazaars possess their own special story. Seeped in history, London has a great many antique shops to satisfy any curious shopper. Listed below are a few of our favorites. 


  1. Tim Bryars Ltd.

    Located on Covent Garden’s Cecil Court – a bastion of London’s antiquarian book trade – Tim Bryars Ltd. deals in an array of rare maps, atlases and prints whose provenances span a period of some 500 years. Bearing in mind…

    7 Cecil Court, WC2N 4EZ London

  2. Retrouvius

    Tucked away in Northwest London, Retrouvius is the interior design world’s best-kept secret, dealing in architectural salvage and other interesting vintage materials from the Victorian era up to the 1970s. Stock is constantly…

    1016 Harrow Road, NW10 5Ns London

  3. Talisman

    Walking into Talisman one might be forgiven for thinking that they’ve wandered into London’s V&A Museum - such is the magnitude of whimsical ornaments, sculptures, objets d’art and specialist furniture on display. The company…

    79-91 New King's Road, SW6 4SQ London

  4. The Old Cinema

    London is a city filled with antique stores, but few of them span the collection that lives inside The Old Cinema. Originally, you guessed it, a cinema and later a WW2 parachute factory, the vast space was finally settled with…

    160 Chiswick High Road, W4 1PR London

  5. The Peanut Vendor

    What started out as an innocent holiday conversation quickly turned into a reality, when couple Becky Nolan and Barney Read swapped their previous careers to start The Peanut Vendor. Lifting the name of their shop from a 1920’s…

    6 Gunmakers Lane, E3 5GG London

  6. The Last Tuesday Society

    The original Last Tuesday Society was founded by William James at Harvard University in 1878 and described itself as a ‘pataphysical organization’ – a scientific way of stating their interest in all things beyond the realm of the…

    11 Mare Street , E8 4RP London

  7. B Southgate

    The great thing about Columbia Road Flower Market and its unwavering popularity is the range of artisanal businesses it has brought to the area. B Southgate is one of those – the only drawback being that the showroom only opens…

    4 The Courtyard, Ezra Street, E2 7RH London

  8. After Noah

    When it comes to products with as much history as toys, telephones and furniture, some would say they don’t make them like they used to. However, since 1990, After Noah has been catering to the discerning traditionalist with their…

    121 Upper Street, N1 1QP London