The 10 Best Shoe Stores in New York

The 10 Best Shoe Stores in New York


Everyone needs a statement pair of shoes; stilettos, brogues, boots or trainers, it doesn't matter which so long as they wow. A great place to find such an item is in New York's shoe stores, which stock anything from sky high heels to quality, handmade men's leather boots. Ready and waiting to assist you, get down to one of our favorites from the list below! 


  1. Alejandro Ingelmo

    Fans of Alejandro Ingelmo already know that he’s one of the few designers that matter when it comes to sky-high platforms. Ingelmo’s cozy boutique, opened in 2010, spares the bells and whistles and focuses on what matters…

    51 Wooster Street, 10013 New York

  2. Flight Club

    Flight Club has been providing handpicked consignment for streetwise sneaker fans since 2005. The store only carries the hottest brands from the 80s and 90s, including vintage Air Jordans, colorblocked Nikes, and low-top Adidas…

    812 Broadway , 10003 New York

  3. Beacon's Closet

    This staple of vintage goods has locations in Williamsburg, Park Slope and the Village. All the affordably priced merchandise stocked here is bought directly from the public, which gives the shop a real local feel. You’ll find…

    10 West 13th Street, 10011 New York

  4. Atmos

    New York is a city divided into many neighborhoods, each with their own distinct flavor. But the boundaries are fluid, and styles spread through and across boroughs, helped along by stores like Atmos, which was opened in 2007 to…

    203 West 125th Street, 10027 New York

  5. Matt Bernson

    The Matt Bernson shop on Harrison Street is the first freestanding store from the lauded shoe designer, who had been doing wholesale for six years before opening the store in April 2012. Once inside, fans of the brand will soon…

    20 Harrison Street, 10013 New York

  6. Fiorentini + Baker

    If you love a good distressed leather boot, then Fiorentini + Baker is the place for you. Quality Italian leather boots are the main attraction in this Soho store, with androgynous styles that have become the norm in New York City…

    54 Mercer Street , 10013 New York

  7. Leffot

    Normally, one is told to keep his or her shoes off tabletops, but Leffot owner Steven Taffel ignores that age-old dictum of common courtesy. Then again, all the shoes that cover Taffel’s table are new, and the kind of fine…

    10 Christopher Street, 10014 New York