Most flower shops are pretty interchangeable. With Zweigstelle, Andreas Bamesberger wanted to create something different by redefining the art of floral arrangement. Bamesberger's main goal was to have a store that emphasized the details of the individual plants, rather than just being an overly lush greenhouse. Although he only had 30 square meters to work with when he started out in 1997, it wasn't long before Andreas migrated to a bigger space on the other side of the Porzellangasse. This move allowed Andreas to revamp the shop's interior-design and the presentation of Zweigstelle's kaleidoscopic assortment of treasures. The Zweigstelle team has endless creative drive and you will seldom see the same showcase two months in a row. Careful consideration is given to vases and flowerpots, which are just as crucial to creating a desired visual effect as their contents. At any given time, Zweigstelle offers between 50 and 100 different plant species. Visitors should expect to be confronted with some brave new ideas for holiday gifts. Flesh-eating plants for Mother's Day, anyone? Show lessRead more

    Porzellangasse 4 , Vienna


    Public Transport
    1,D (Schlickgasse)
    40A (Bauernfeldplatz)
    U4 (Roßauer Lände)

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