Located on the "Electric Avenue" in the Museumsquartier, Subotron is a meeting point for nostalgic gamers. As the story goes, owner Jogi opened shop in 2004, responding to his wife's lament that there was no more room in their apartment because of all the video game paraphernalia. We can only be grateful that Jogi decided to share his electronic treasure chest. At Subotron you'll find a vast collection of old school consoles and games, including classics like the Atari, Donkey Kong handhelds and, of course, the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Some of the gadgets here are so wonderfully dated and spaced out that you'd think they were swiped from the set of a Stanley Kubrick movie. Subotron's location in the MQ is tourist-heavy, so customers come from all over the world. Because he gets to mingle with such an international gaming community, Jogi hears a lot of great stories and, occasionally, gets his hands on some pretty rare artifacts. The store's design is also theme-appropriate. With its all-glass exterior and tiny elongated shop space, Subotron resembles a transparent microchip, beckoning anyone wishing to take a journey through gaming history.Show lessRead more

    Museumsplatz 1 , Vienna



    Gifts, Electronics

    Public Transport
    U2, 2A, 57A (Museumsquartier)
    U3 (Volkstheater)

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