From its location in the Kaiserstrasse, Runch! Comics has proudly been supplying fans with the latest and greatest in comics since 1991. The store's owner, Gerd Holoubek, opened Runch! after becoming interested in comics in the mid '80s, the period that saw the advent of more adult-orientated publications like The Watchmen series or the works of Frank Miller. Ever since finding his passion, Gerd has been traveling the world in search of "cool stuff," to use his words. We heard some pretty funny stories about back in the day, when finding comic books was like an easter egg hunt at random Asian flea markets. This dedication is now manifest in Runch!'s obscenely large inventory that will likely make any comics fan go frothy at the mouth. Action figures, playing cards, toys and, of course, comics are arranged to fill up every last square centimeter of this two-story wonderland. Make sure to check out the upstairs of the store if you're an Alien or Predator fan, as it contains some epic movie masks. Most comic book stores chuck out the inventory that doesn't sell for a certain period of time. This one keeps EVERYTHING!Show lessRead more

    Kaiserstrasse 5 , Vienna


    Public Transport
    U6,U3 (Westbahnhof)
    5 (Kaiserstrasse)

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