Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien

    A city famous for its coffeehouses should have its share of places that specialize in the art of coffee roasting. Enter the Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien. Located just minutes from the Naschmarkt, on the bustling Schleifmühlgasse, Alt Wien gives customers the opportunity to observe the roasting process up-close and on a daily basis. The beans hail from all over the world, including familiar coffee purveyors like Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Ever since 2006, the Kaffeerösterei Alt Wien has also been offering a varied selection of organic and fair-trade coffee. In order to maximize the unique flavor and aroma of each coffee, the roasting protocol changes for every type of bean. A high-acidity variety, like the Nepal Mount Everest from the gourmet selection, will naturally require a different roasting procedure than an acid-free bean like the Santa Domingo. One thing all beans have in common however is that after being roasted they are hand-sorted by Alt Wien's expert staff. Only those of the finest quality make it to the “coffee bar,” where they can be purchased in quarter and half-kilo amounts. As you are handed your silver bag of java goodness, be sure to ask how finely the beans should be ground. As the folks at Alt Wien know, making a great cup of coffee is about leaving nothing to chance.Show lessRead more

    Schleifmühlgasse 23 , Vienna

    -Sat 10-4


    Coffee & Tea

    Public Transport
    U4 (Kettenbrückengasse)
    59A (Schleifmühlgasse)

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