Henzl's Ernte

    Foraging for food ceased being a necessity long ago, but Henzl's Ernte aims to bring us back to our roots – literally. Since 2011, the store’s owner, Gertrude Henzl, has been instructing those who walk through her front door the forgotten magic of gathering edible wild plants, seeds, herbs, berries and fruits, revealing the potent splendour of their natural flavors sans additives. As her assistant puts it, “You’ll realize upon entering that you are in a place like no other.” Syrups, jars of flavoured salts, sugars, seasonings, marmalades and a variety of other creations skirt the walls - all made from ingeniously creative combinations of ingredients. Not to mention that everything is sourced from the meadows, woods and gardens surrounding Vienna - from a surprise honey melon and dragonhead flower jam to a raspberry sugar that we are told has been known to cure Alzheimer’s in the elderly and emanates a sweet smell that sparks vivid childhood nostalgia. Tastes obviously change with the season and no two recipes are ever the same. And while one would expect the health factor to be part of this store’s sell, here it’s all about making things that “simply taste good,” from the unadulterated natural flavours of “wild city food,” according to the owner. Wilderness walks, where participants can pick their ingredients, prepare and devour their creations, with the highly knowledgeable Wurz Wizard, Henzl herself, are offered in the spring.Show lessRead more

    Kettenbrückengasse 3/2 , Vienna



    Health Foods, Gourmet Shop

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