Haug Delikatessen

    Haug Delikatessen is your local deli with personality, replete with Europe’s entire weird and wonderful pantry. Located on the corner of the quaint Sonnbergmarkt, customers lower slices of prosciutto into their mouths as the owner, Phillip, slices away on his vintage red meat slicer. It's the sort of place where the staff is well-acquainted with their customers and products. In many ways this deli is a hidden treasure. The walls are lined with elusive specialty foods sourced from artisanal suppliers across Europe, including everything from French mustard and steak tartare (freshly delivered every Friday) to British marmalades and lemon curd, as well as a venerable selection of cheese and dried meats. Meanwhile, the locals rate the prosciutto as, "Nicht der schlechteste" (not the worst) - Viennese code for sublime! In addition to savory foods the deli also features baked goods, such as croissants that look like they came straight from a Parisian pâtisserie. (Word on the street is that the best Kipferls - an Austro-Hungarian pastry - in Vienna can be found here, and we wholeheartedly agree). In short, Haug Delikatessen is for curious tastebuds that demand to be spoiled.Show lessRead more

    Sonnbergmarkt 11 , Vienna

    7:30-7 Sat 7:30-2


    Gourmet Shop

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