Gragger & Cie

    In a world where speed has become the name of the game, Helmut Gragger knows that sometimes it helps to slow things down a little. That is why in his bakery in the Spiegelgasse, Gragger & Cie, Gragger abstains from using any chemical accelerants for his divine sourdough creations. The slogan here is “À la recherche du pain perdu.” Like Proust and his madeleines, Helmut Gragger was inspired by something which he felt had been lost, in this case the art of bread-making. Taking his cue from French baking-legend Lionel Poilâne, Gragger modeled Gragger & Cie on 18th century baking practices: only natural sourdough, no preservatives, no unnecessary rushing of the process. The oven at Gragger & Cie weighs ten tons and is fired daily with spruce wood from the Mühlviertel. Open Monday through Saturday from eight in the morning, customers come here to treat themselves to a loaf of Gragger & Cie's trademark P-Brot, a Parisian boulangerie-worthy baguette, or an unparallelled "Handsemmel". There is a soup menu which changes on a daily basis, as well as a selection of pastries, all made with the same meticulous care as the bread products. Gragger & Cie is a welcome contradiction to the old idiom “they don't make 'em like they used to.” Here, they do.Show lessRead more

    Spiegelgasse 23 , Vienna




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