Glanz & Gloria

    Glanz & Gloria, a boutique-meets-hair salon, is the brainchild of fashion designer Anita Steinwidder and coiffeur Thomas Pavlidis. Their collaboration began in 2005,  operating out of Steinwidder's former courtyard fashion studio, and it was an insider tip for the few people in the know. Soon thereafter, the duo opened the doors of the current spacious location on Schottenfeldgasse to the wider public. Sustainability plays a big role in the curation of the designer pieces they feature – be it by virtue of recycling, upcycling or redesign. Glanz & Gloria only supports socially responsible production methods, which means that no sweatshop items make it into the store’s vintage armoires which have been repurposed to serve as clothing racks each dedicated to one designer. Apart from the co-owner's own label, STEINWIDDER, whose reconfigured sock dress has been in constant high demand since 2006, some of the labels on offer include: km/a, Daniel Kroh, MILCH, Kontiki, mija t. rosa, Szidonia Szep and Bessert Schorn. When it comes to haircuts, Thomas Pavlidis is not concerned with pushing the latest trends, but rather works with his clients to produce individual and thoughtfully conceived cuts. Glanz & Gloria is a service oriented one-stop fashion house where thoughtful fashion meets individualized haircuts that leave you coming back for more.Show lessRead more

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