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Glasfabrik is a material culture enthusiast's dream. It is housed in a former glass factory which dates to the period when this area served as Vienna's industrial district. The shop, which is associated with Lichterloh and Matsching's Antikkeller (Liebiggasse 4), operates as an antiques collective and offers a spectrum of pieces in a range of prices. It is comprised of two warehouses that look much as they must have years ago, with scarred concrete floors and a paned glass facade punctuated by huge doors that open on to a courtyard - all the better for loading the many treasures one might find here. Here are a few hints to whet your appetite: glass vitrines to fit any order, mounted horns of a fine variety of fauna, chandeliers galore, antique oil paintings from lifesize to miniature, ceramics, figurines cast from all manner of materials, vanities, wardrobes, chests, mirrors and apothecary jars in any size imaginable. In other words, a little of everything from "1670-1970". Glasfabrik also buys single pieces and collections and offers antique transportation and restoration services.

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Used Furniture - Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 31-35, 1160 Vienna

"It's like Caritas [a charitable second-hand store], everything is donated and they have great prices on used furniture".

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Costume workshop for the Austrian Federal Theatres - Montleartstr. 6-8, 1140 Vienna


Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 25

Vienna , 1160

16. Ottakring

+43 1 494 34 90




Public Transport
U3 (Ottakring)
10,46,49 (Joachimsthalerplatz)
S45 (Ottakring)
48A (Flötzersteig)

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