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    Located in the heart of the Freihausviertel in the 4th district, Bobby’s Foodstore is a haven of coziness for expats from the US and UK amidst a sea of schnitzel and goulash. After finding it nearly impossible to buy essential items such as bacon, sausages and “crisps” for his British pub, owner John Szewczuk solved his own problem and opened up shop across the street. Since then it has become an anchor for the English speaking community, supplying comfort food to anyone who misses a piece of home. Often you will find schoolchildren perusing the colorful isles, picking out an unfamiliar sugar fix among all the exotic sodas, candies and chocolates. British and American holidays also owe many thanks to Bobby’s. On Thanksgiving the store stocks up on extra cranberry sauce, stuffing, canned pumpkin and marshmallows to keep up with the high demand. Craving those rich American cakes? No problem – Bobby’s keeps a good selection of cake mixes, sugary icings and all your baking needs such as the essential vanilla extract. Whether you’re in the market for British meat pies and crumpets or American canned cheese and liquid smoke, Bobby’s Foodstore has you covered.Show lessRead more

    Schleifmühlgasse 8 , Vienna



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    U4 (Karlsplatz)
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