With an academic background in art and fashion history as well as in fashion design, Lena Kvadrat often draws upon past ideas when seeking inspiration for her boutique. The Russian designer started out by selling her collections in Moscow, but soon relocated to Vienna and opened up Artpoint in 2000. This store doubles as a platform for designers and artists to exhibit and sell their works. During our visit we spotted shoes from the Berlin-based shoemaker Ricardo Cartillone, handbags by Austrian Ina Kent and Japanese women's socks by Ayame. Of course there was also Mrs. Kvadrat's current collection, which was comprised of classic pieces with modern accents and attributes. Mrs. Kvadrat likes to create clothes that are versatile in how they can be worn–items that can be turned around, shifted at the waist line, or even given an entire textural overhaul. Part of her recent collection plays with the concept of "filtering" by using finely netted fabric that can be pulled over garments to create a new look. When visiting Artpoint, keep an eye out for the glass insert in the floor offering a glimpse into the basement design studio.Show lessRead more

    Neubaugasse 35 , Vienna


    Public Transport
    U3 (Neubaugasse)
    49,13A (Siebensterngasse)

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