When Ngo Hue Van opened Teehaus Artee in 1998, the Asian culture scene in Vienna was rather limited. There was a small selection of sushi locales and Chinese restaurants with the obligatory garish décor, but not much else. In the eyes of Ngo Hue, who was born in Vietnam, Austria's capital desperately needed another insight into Asian culture, one which de-emphasized the fast food mentality and focused on introspective spirituality. While ostensibly a tea shop specializing in green tea variations, Teehaus Artee is also the purveyor of a particular kind of attitude. Ngo Hue Van insists that tea-drinking, a practice which has been around for over 2000 years, is all about process. She says that the tea drinking mindset “should be more like a martial art than a culinary art.” To that end, Artee regularly hosts tea seminars with guest lecturers from Japan. Ngo Hue is very particular about who is allowed to attend. If she senses someone is there for the wrong reason, e.g. a hotelier looking for a new way to cash in on the latest tea-drinking fad, Ngo will kindly deny that person participation. Not that you should be intimidated. Anyone with a honest interest in tea is encouraged to stop by. In addition to a large assortment of loose leaf and flowering teas, Teehaus also sells tea sets and other ceremonial accessories.Show lessRead more

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