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Hobby cook and shop owner Simon Jacko grew tired of last minute visits to the grocery store for quick weeknight meals, only to be left with an entire bag of perishable arugula because his recipe called for just a handful. He thought it would make more sense to have a shop that sells ingredients portion wise, closely linked to a variety of recipes. And so Feinkoch was born in early 2012. Located between the culinary mecca of Naschmarkt and the Mariahilferstrasse shopping avenue, the store is stocked with delicacies that pair with – but are not limited to – ten different recipes printed on double-sided card stock, complete with a color photograph. Simon and his friends envision and develop these recipes personally and add new ones every two weeks, constantly adjusting according to what is in season. If you prefer to cook up your own dish, rest assured that all ingredients are for sale regardless of the recipe. Feinkoch is conveniently open until 9pm on weekdays, perfect for after work dinner shopping!

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Theobaldgasse 14

Vienna , 1060

6. Mariahilf



Public Transport
U2 (Museumsquartier)
57A (Museumsquartier)
2A (Königsklostergasse‎)


Meat & Fish, Gourmet Shop

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