Self Edge

    Self-Edge offers denim aficionados and vintage jean collectors a place to find garments that are brand new but made from unwashed denim and other classic materials. It is a Japanese denim store specializing in reproductions of vintage Americana from the 1920s up to the early 1960s. Think denim jackets, jeans, and vintage-style shirts. The store attracts a customer base drawn to raw denim, and fans of the styles of motorcycle culture of the '40s and '50s as well as rockabilly music and fashion. Part of the appeal of these garments is how they are produced: made with vintage looms and stitching equipment this is a selection of patterns and styles that have been out of production for over fifty years. You won’t find acid washed or skinny jeans in this shop, and directions for wearing some pairs can include not washing them for over two months. But picking up a pair of jeans or a shirt from Self-Edge will definitely put you into a fashion circle with very few members and give you a garment to last you a lifetime.Show lessRead more

    714 Valencia Street , San Francisco (Btw 18th St. and 19th St.)

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