Linus Bike

    Located on bustling Hayes Street, Linus Bike’s cheery, bright showroom offers classically styled frames paired with perfectly modern accessories fit for any urbanite, commuter or budding cyclist. “I’ve traveled to Europe and Asia, and everywhere I go I see everyone on bikes,” says Adam McDermott, the company’s founder and CEO. “It’s part of their daily lives.” Inspired by what he’d seen abroad, McDermott sought to create a line that would help transcend the tendency at home to perceive “cycling as exercise.” He wanted something fun, functional and stylish, and thus, in 2007, Linus Bike was born in Los Angeles. The eye-catching bike frames, which draw the attention of countless passersby, have a vintage aesthetic with a California twist and modern engineering, and are available with myriad customizations from color to handlebar grips, seats and more within a reasonable price range. Rounding out the inventory are accessories including hats, helmets, bags, bells, locks and your choice of leather-crafted wine bottle or six-pack holder. Only some of these are under the Linus label, but rest assured that the rest meet the brand’s standard for quality and beauty. “We look for brands and products that aren’t frivolous or overly ornamental, that function well and echo the elegance and simplicity of our bikes.” Linus Bike offers far more than just a mode of getting from point A to point B; it’s a lifestyle.Show lessRead more

    325 Hayes Street , San Francisco (Franklin Street, Gough Street)





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