Not just your average American food store abroad, Thanksgiving has a history of innovation, entrepreneurship and a refined attention to culinary detail. Opened in 1993, owner Judith Bluysen began her business after seeing a strong market (at times a dire need) for American cooking products and the foodstuffs that help ease the age old “homesickness” of expats. The store boasts a wide variety of American, British and Canadian food products. To top it off, she is also renowned for her homemade cheesecakes with graham cracker crust and smooth rich filling that she serves at the store year round. Staying true to the stores name, you can also count on Judith for your Thanksgiving holiday turkey feast. Taking orders in advance, Judith works directly with a local farm and neighborhood butcher to supply beautifully roasted birds for your holiday day dinner – even the ten-pound American size.Show lessRead more

    10, rue Saint Paul , Paris



    International Foods

    Public Transport
    M1 (Saint Paul)
    M7 (Sully-Morland)

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