Le Parti du Thé

    If your are looking for a tea store that carries a wide selection of expertly selected teas and is managed by a small team of knowledgeable, hospitable staff, then go to Le Parti du Thé located in the 11th arrondissement. Far from the prestigious, yet mass-market, tourist-laden tea store chains, this boutique hosts around 300 different tea varieties imported from all over the world. To assure their quality, their stock is imported in smaller quantities. Additionally, depending on the time of year, the selection changes to reflect the agricultural and holiday season. The front wall is covered with large orange-colored tins, nicknamed “the wall of flavors.” One of the friendly staff can guide you through a voyage of aromas until you find exactly what meets your fancy. The selection offers a myriad of leaves (black, red, green, white and blue, among others) from all over the world. Also on display in the store are teapots designed in the Netherlands and China, cups hand-crafted in Italy and Japan, and an assortment of tea infusers ranging from practical to aesthetic.       Show lessRead more

    34, rue Faidherbe , Paris

    10:30-2 & 2-7:30


    Coffee & Tea

    Public Transport
    M9 (Charonne)
    M8 ((Faidherbe - Chaligny)
    M9 (Rue des Boulets)

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