La Botte Gardiane

    You don’t have to be a cowboy to buy La Botte Gardiane’s handmade boots, although for a time, cowboys were their sole clients. This family-owned business, established in 1958, began by making boots for the “gardians” of the Camargue horses in the South of France. Due to the nature of their work, the cowboys needed boots that were durable, comfortable and of quality manufacturing. The Aguihon family dedicated themselves to this craft. The identifying factor for the boots was the leather, which was, and still is, re-tanned in hot grease, giving it a supple yet durable quality. Crafted entirely by hand, the Aguihon family developed its reputation for creating exceptional boots. Throughout the years, and with a new generation of Aguihons taking the reigns, clients have diversified and company ideas have refreshed, but the traditional values have remained consistent. A small team still hand makes each shoe from start to finish, even as demand has increased. It’s no wonder then that France recognized La Botte Gardiane with the honor of “Living Heritage Enterprise,” a testament to the traditional values continuing from generation to generation. Current owners are siblings Antoine, Julien, and Fanny Aguihons, and they have most recently opened the first and only boutique for La Botte Gardiane. Although boots are the company staple, you can find an array of styles for all seasons at the shop on Rue de Charonne in Paris. Despite these updates one thing stays true to tradition however, and that is that each shoe is still handmade in the South of France. We wouldn’t expect anything less.   Show lessRead more

    25, rue de Charonne , Paris


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    M1, M5, M8 (Bastille)
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