Prosper and Martine Assouline, a husband and wife entrepreneurial team, have been publishing lavish cultural books under their publishing company Assouline since 1994. In that time, the jet-setting couple have brought to market some 1,000 titles about fashion, food, art and lifestyle. These photography-laden books have always been sold on their online shop and in a selection of high-end retail locations worldwide, but In the fall of 2005 Prosper and Martine decided to open their own boutique in Paris, the city where the company was founded. Alongside the books, Assouline also sells an assortment of antiques, collectors’ items and works of art native to France. It’s smart to visit this store often, as the welcoming red and black interior decor is constantly changing and redefining itself. Parisians, tourists and even a handful of celebrities come regularly to the shop’s crimson archway to browse the neatly arranged and museum-like shelves in the 6th arrondissement.Show lessRead more

    35, rue Bonaparte , Paris


    Public Transport
    M4 (Saint-Germain-des-Prés)
    M10 (Mabillon)

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