Button-down shirts, comfy chinos, navy blazers, brogues - these menswear essentials can either cost you a fortune or have you settling for something mediocre. Fortunately, Alexandre Mattiussi comes to the rescue with his label Ami, where quality is high and the price tags affordable. The designer, who worked with fashion houses Dior, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy prior to launching Ami in 2011, presents us with a collection that is neither flamboyant nor out-of-this-world - if anything, he tends toward the opposite. Simple and effortless, Mattiussi transforms the ordinary into something remarkable by paying attention to the little details. The jeans are snug enough to not be dowdy, the shirt sleeves stop just at the right length to be called chic and the jackets are flatteringly cut. The boutique, located on Boulevard Beaumarchais, is as inviting as it is straightforward, with its storefront windows devoid of mannequins and interiors warmly lit by hanging chrome lights. Whether you pick up a flannel shirt, a pair of sneakers, or Mattiussi's signature red beanie, you can be sure that the quality you're getting is more than what you're paying for, and that despite its subtle aesthetic, it will always remain in style.Show lessRead more

    109 Boulevard Beaumarchais , Paris


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    M8 (Saint Sebastian Froissart)

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