The Quality Mending Co.

    If you're into vintage, you'll be into The Quality Mending Co. This Prince Street mainstay has been offering a killer collection of menswear and accessories since opening in 2003, and continues to restore and reinvent timeless fashions. The owner, Oliver Harkness, hails from Ireland and combs Western Europe and the United States for pieces that catch his eye and appeal to a broad base of vintage fans. His taste and vision is constantly evolving with the styles of his surroundings, and something he passed over years ago might later find its way into the shop for a second - or third - life. Everything under the umbrella of vintage wearable items catches his eye, from cuff links and pins to boots and bandannas. In addition to the pieces brought into the store, Harkness has assembled a team of specialists who recreate and reinvent new items from old materials - a jacket made out of a blanket and leather suspenders fashioned from old book covers are just a couple of examples from a wide array. Everyone there "has a needle in the hand at some point or another," contributing to the house line of vintage-inspired T-shirts and salvaged-denim jeans made to 1960s specs.Show lessRead more

    15 Prince Street , New York (btw Bowery & Elizabeth St)


    Public Transport
    4,6 (Spring St)
    B,D,F,M (Broadway - Lafayette St)
    N,R (Prince St)

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