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    When you step into Philip Williams Posters you won't know where to look first. The walls are a kaleidoscope of bright colors, bold type, and graphics from decades past. That's because Philip Williams has been adding to his collection of posters for almost 40 years, making it the largest in the world as he claims. This huge inventory is ever-changing and its exact size can only be estimated but there are several hundred-thousand posters in the three-story space in Tribeca. While the upper two levels are used for storage, the ground level is open to customers. Here there are tables covered with many stacks of posters, most of them mounted on paper and backed with linen to better preserve them. Their subject matter ranges from advertisements, to films, to plant diagrams, and all of them are originals. A large number come from Europe, where Mr. Williams has been traveling to find posters since he started his business. He noted that posters are not valued as highly as other art forms, and pointed out that there is not a single poster museum in the United States. This may be true but, considering the vast number of posters that have passed through his hands over time, Philip Williams's store is probably the closest thing we have.Show lessRead more

    122 Chambers Street , New York (btw Church St & W Broadway)


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    1,2,3,A,C (Chambers St)
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