Fat Witch Bakery

    Back in the day, when she worked as a trader on Wall Street, Patricia Helding used to bring homemade brownies into her office. Every time she did, there was one female colleague who would “swoop in like a witch” to get a head start on the goods. Because Wall Street folks are pretty thick-skinned, Patricia was able to remain on good terms with this woman despite repeatedly telling her that she was going to turn into a “fat witch” if she kept up her brownie-snatching ways. Years later, when Patricia started her baking business in the early '90s, she had no trouble coming up with a name. Famous for their delectable brownies, Fat Witch has been part of the Chelsea Market lineup since 1998. They use the same natural ingredients that you would use at home and offer over 15 different kinds of “witches,” from the cappuccino-flavored Java Witch to the Snow Witch (a brownie made from white chocolate). Although Fat Witch produces roughly 2000 brownies every day, they believe in small-batch baking. The success of this approach is evident in every bite. In fact, we liked the brownies so much we wished we'd made them ourselves. So it's a good thing Fat Witch also sells their own brand of brownie mix...Show lessRead more

    75 Ninth Avenue , New York (btw 15th St & 16th St)



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