A visit to Catbird is like being miniaturized and climbing into the jewelry box of your eccentric great aunt who never married but travelled extensively and may or may not have had a brief affair with a pirate. Nestled in a tiny space on Bedford Avenue, this store primarily carries independently designed jewelry, 80% of which is made by local NYC artists, both Brooklyn-based and otherwise. Catbird's mid-priced pieces all give off a unique vibe that is sure to be felt whenever they are worn, or presented as a gift. Here, styles change and inventory moves quickly, as can be gleaned from the store's unofficial policy: “When Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie start carrying it, we take it out.” The range in design and price mean there’s something here for everyone – as long as you have delicate taste. Catbird's style is very feminine, a point that is underscored by the ambrosial scented candles and gift items which are also sold here. Customers have the chance to keep a running wish-list of items on file with Catbird. That way, they can stay updated on the store's own jewelry line featuring conflict-free Canadian diamonds, because nobody wants blood on their hands. Show lessRead more

    219 Bedford Avenue , Brooklyn (btw N 4th St & N 5th St)


    Accessories, Other

    Bags, Jewelry, Gifts

    Public Transport

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