Cacao Prieto

    Something is happening in Red Hook… There, in a massive brick building on Conover Street, machines are whirring and spinning, processing raw cacao into chocolate or distilling it into spirits. But these aren’t just any machines, and this isn’t just any cacao. The machines were built by Daniel Preston, an aerospace engineer turned chocolatier, and the cacao is of a single origin: a farm in the Dominican Republic owned by Daniel and his family. In an operation that Daniel characterizes as one half aerospace, one half foodie, Cacao Prieto processes beans from the farm, adds the only other ingredient, sugar, and churns out rich, creamy chocolate and clear, fragrant distillates. Every ingredient used is organic, and Cacao Prieto is also a kosher and vegan establishment. In addition to its incredible internal operations and extensive charitable work in the Dominican Republic, the shop boasts tours and tastings on weekends and a good time at its attached bar, Botanica. Cacao Prieto is a fusion of science and senses, appealing to the curious and the passionate alike.Show lessRead more

    218 Conover Street , Brooklyn (btw Coffey St & Dikeman St)




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