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    CHCM was founded in 2008 in a Clinton Hill apartment, but the menswear shop soon outgrew its online presence and demanded a brick and mortar location for its growing collection of hip urban clothing and accessories. Today the shop shares a space with a design studio in SoHo and offers over twenty-five different labels from all over the world, specializing in classic and contemporary menswear from Europe, Japan and the United States. There is no single theme - instead the owner, Sweetu, chooses items that catch his eye, providing an ever-transforming selection of styles and designs. The open space is clean and simple, and there are no mannequins telling you how to dress - Sweetu prefers to give his customers creative autonomy to fashion their own looks. The diversity of looks and freedom of choice mean that there is something for everyone who enjoys quality design and cutting-edge style. Show lessRead more

    2 Bond Street , New York (btw Broadway & Lafayette St)



    Men's Clothing

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    4,6 (Bleecker St)
    B,D,F,M (Broadway-Lafayette)

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