BELLOCQ Tea Atelier

    Tea is more than just hot water and dried leaves - it is a history, an origin and an adventure, and Bellocq Tea Atelier seeks to create an elaborate, almost poetic experience. The artisan company was formed when Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon and Scott Stewart joined forces to fill the gap in a tea market flooded with bags yet bereft of flavor. They start by sourcing the highest quality base tea from single estate high-elevation growers, and then sample 20-30 gardens each season to select the most flavorful leaves and herbals from all over the world. The shop offers full leaf teas enjoyed on their own and a range of house blends expertly balanced in the atelier. There is also a collection of limited edition teas drawn from competition winners and wild harvests that is constantly changing and evolving. Bellocq takes tremendous pride in fresh, pure ingredients and strives to make tea an everyday affordable luxury. It is both a laboratory and an education center, founded on an exchange of knowledge and an appreciation for the subtle flavors and rich experience of a freshly brewed cup of tea. Show lessRead more

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