Suck And Chew

    Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a candy shop? Considering the endless demand for enticingly edible sugar, it seems strange that so few shops exist which are solely dedicated to the cause. This is where Suck & Chew, the official ‘purveyors of sweets and treats’ on Columbia Road comes to the rescue. Shelves stacked floor to ceiling exhibit every species of sweets imaginable – from chocolate to toffee, marshmallows to bonbons, and even sugar free offerings that pack a punch. Sugar connoisseurs will discover kindred spirits in the store’s incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff, there to introduce English staples such as Rhubarb and Custards. It’s wise to note, however, that Suck and Chew is only open for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday so be sure to pencil in a trip!Show lessRead more

    130 Columbia Road , London




    Public Transport
    Old Street (Northern Line)
    Bethnal Green (Central)

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