Steve Hatt

    Over four generations, Steve Hatt has been providing fresh fish to Islington and beyond. People come from miles around to the Essex Road fishmonger for the freshness, quality, range, and – according to Hatt – the knowledgeable service that comes with a smile and a classic dose of ‘London banter’. In an area that has seen radical gentrification, Steve Hatt remains a link to a past left behind, a past of horses and carts and on-site smoke houses. But while many things have changed, the likes of clams, prawns, halibut and wild sea bass are as fresh and popular as ever. There is also sashimi grade salmon and tuna – a nod to the new breed of Islingtonian – replacing fish and chips with wasabi, soy and California rolls. Steve Hatt is renowned for its freshness, most of its fish barely 24 hours out the water, and while quality fishmongers are now a niche market, judging by the queues, trade is  brisk if your produce is among the best.Show lessRead more

    88-90 Essex Road , London


    Meat & Fish

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