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    Located at the end of the Leather Lane Market, The International Magic Shop has been a permanent fixture for over fifty years. Owner Martin Macmillan inherited the family business from his father, award-winning magicia Ron MacMillan, and the store runs in much the same way that it has done since the sixties. “When I was growing up, all I knew was magic,” he says, “school holidays were spent helping out in the shop and learning the skills to go on.” The International Magic Shop is a carnival of trickery. Think false teeth, fake blood and thumb tips at one end of the spectrum and complicated –  and pricy – knowledge sold at the other. While the Internet may have given away some of magic’s secrets, Martin MacMillan insists the real knowledge is in the books that line the shelves of the International Magic Shop. Visit the shop for its history or to take in a trick or two. Known to attract magicians of the likes of Dynamo and Derren Brown, the space is as much a meeting place as it is a shop and it’s not unusual to find impromptu demos occurring behind the counter.Show lessRead more

    89 Clerkenwell Road , London



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