Created in 2000 by Katja Schlegel and Kai Seifried, Starstyling is a fun (not to say flamboyant) clothing and accessory label that thumbs its nose at the pretensions that so often permeate the fashion world. Katja and Kai, whose respective backgrounds include costume design and screen printing, opened their first store in 2003. They have been at the current location on the Mulackstrasse in Mitte since 2006, where they design and produce all of their wares in-house. Collections usually encompass 60-90 inspired pieces that, the creators insist, are less about fashion and more about the “visual reflections of trends and society in particular.” (Apropos reflections, if you're the kind of person who wants to see sequins taken to the next level, this is the store for you.) Starstyling is big on the collage aesthetic, in that clothes fuse elements from the worlds of art, graphic design and pop culture. There is always a subtle hint of irony at work here, but this lightness of touch shouldn't mislead one into thinking that Starstyling aren't serious when it comes to producing their clothes. Whether it be a hand-painted T-shirt, or a shimmering foil-printed dress, Starstyling's expert craftsmanship has gained them loyal customers from around the world. (With an especially enthusiastic fan-base in Korea.)Show lessRead more

    Mulackstrasse 4 , Berlin


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